It started with a vision to satisfy the need for housing and in particular the Scandinavian market. VILLASWEA consequently discovered that there is problem on the market to have afformidable housing solutions with large scale, good quality and that could satisfy the big demand on the market. Being part of EHRAB – group, that provide workforce solutions, VILLASWEA can offer complete solutions for Turnkey – houses. This is one big advantage for an entrepeneour or a particular end-consumer. 

Thanks to our international networks, VILLASWEA has the capacity to operate globally in the rapid construction area. 

In recent years, the European common market has created a more flexible and open market, in which goods, services and capital flow between countries where obstacles once stood. Other areas of the world are shrinking, not just Europe. VILLASWEA´s goal is to be where the action is and provide innovative housing-solutions. 

VILLASWEA´s management has several years of experience in the construction area and to delivering the right skills at an international, national, regional and local level. VILLASWEA is proud to be in partnership with some of the biggest players in the Baltic area and within the civil engineering- and construction sector. We customize solutions based on your needs and preferences. VILLASWEA offers a cost effective, flexible and above all qualitative solution to our customers. 

Responsibility is a matter of making good lasting business decisions. Being a responsible actor in society is essential and part of our vision. To be a preferred partner is important to us therefore we make sure to offer the best service at all times. “Service Above Service Itself”. 

We have offices in several countries and regions such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Poland just to name a few.